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🌱 As homeschool parents, we all share a common goal: to provide our children with a high-quality and personalized education. But with the challenges and barriers that come with homeschooling, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

One of the biggest obstacles we face is the idea that curriculums are fixed and unchanging. But the truth is, learning is not one-size-fits-all. Each child has their own unique needs, abilities, and learning styles.

So, how can we achieve the goal of providing a personalized education for our children?

The key is to approach education as a constantly evolving process.

This means exploring different learning paths to find what aligns best with your families values and goals. It means evaluating their current skills through benchmark testing, and experimenting with personalized, bite-sized lessons tailored to their expanding skill level.

By following this approach, not only will you achieve the goal of providing a personalized education for your child, but you will also spark a lifelong love of learning in them. And that's the most valuable gift we can give our little Einsteins.

This is why we created Learnly... To be the best choice for families who need a safe, easy and fun homeschool option that prioritizes the personalized needs of their child through engaging lessons, games and experiences.

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Meet our team

We're a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our fellow homeschoolers

  • Jameson Wilder

    Jameson Wilder

    Visionary & CEO

    While he may look young, don't let his age fool you. Master of technology, communication, and getting the job done. He is the glue that holds the Learnly team together.

  • William Wilder

    William Wilder

    Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer

    Love of learning, love of family, and love of life. I am a husband, father, and homeschooler passionate about helping other homeschoolers achieve their goals and dreams.

  • Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Co-Founder & Senior Engineer

    Helping others is my life mission and education is a big part of that. I want to make learning fun and accessible for everyone.

  • Rosalie Rix

    Rosalie Rix

    Animal & Nature Expert

    Biologist at heart. I love to learn and teach my family about nature and animals. Talk to me about Harry Potter or some of my other favorite books.

  • Lily Rix

    Lily Rix

    Happiness Manager

    Lily is the Happiness Manager of the Learnly, and she takes her job very seriously. With a boundless enthusiasm for life and a knack for spreading joy, Lily is the ultimate asset to any team (and also makes a mean macaroni necklace).

  • Lauren Wilder

    Lauren Wilder

    Learnly Mother & Chief of Staff

    Knows everything about everyone and is not afraid to use that information to keep the team in line (just kidding...or are we?). With a keen eye for detail and an impressive ability to multitask, Lauren is like a superhero in sensible shoes.